Biden Campaign Commemorates Second Anniversary of Roe Reversal, Makes Abortion Rights Central to Reelection Bid

Celebrating abortion rights anniversary.

Biden Campaign to Mark Second Anniversary of Roe Reversal as he Makes Abortion Rights a Key Reelection Message

Written by Michael Williams

Published 9:00 AM EDT, Sun June 23, 2024

Joe Biden campaign stop

President Joe Biden and his allies intend to mark the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade this week. This issue is one the president’s campaign views as key to his reelection bid.

Biden’s Campaign and Events

Biden’s campaign is hosting over 50 events nationwide through to Monday. The aim is to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, which overturned the federal legal right to an abortion. These events will feature key Biden surrogates, celebrities, and politicians.

On Sunday, First Lady Jill Biden is expected to participate in two “Women for Biden-Harris” events in Pennsylvania. Vice President Kamala Harris will participate in two events, one in Arizona and the other in Maryland, on Monday to mark the anniversary of the Dobbs decision. Second gentleman Doug Emhoff will participate in a roundtable and campaign rally in Michigan on Monday.

Last week, White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre confirmed that the administration will also “commemorate” the anniversary on Monday. However, specific details were not immediately released.

Focus on Tangible Issues

The campaign’s strategy is based on the belief that voters in November will be motivated by tangible issues that could impact their daily lives. This is in contrast to world crises and discussions about the candidates’ age and fitness for office that have dominated much of the national conversation.

For months, the Biden campaign has been rallying voters around reproductive rights, especially young and female voters who are crucial to Biden’s reelection chances. Biden and Harris have consistently campaigned on former President Donald Trump’s claim that he formulated the conservative supermajority on the Supreme Court that overturned Roe two years ago. They have warned that another Trump term could lead to a national abortion ban.

Harris’ Fight for Reproductive Freedoms

Since the beginning of this year, Harris has embarked on a “fight for reproductive freedoms” tour. This tour has taken her across the country, specifically focusing on states such as Florida and Arizona, which have passed or upheld laws restricting women’s access to abortion care.

Harris has stressed that other reproductive rights could be in jeopardy if Trump is reelected, given the Supreme Court’s conservative majority. Similarly, Jill Biden has saved some of her most serious criticisms of her husband’s political adversary for discussions about women’s healthcare.

Concerning Statistics

Following the Supreme Court’s June 2022 ruling, nearly two dozen states have banned or limited access to abortion. States where abortion is most significantly restricted have reported higher rates of maternal and infant mortality, as well as increased economic insecurity.

At recent fundraisers, President Biden has argued that the next four years could see openings on the Supreme Court. If Trump fills those openings, personal liberties could drastically decline. Biden and his allies strongly hold onto these concerns as they campaign towards the November elections.


Report by Arlette Saenz and Aaron Pellish

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