Upstate Family Speaks Out After Deputies Make Arrest in Cold Case

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Upstate Family Speaks Out After Deputies Make Arrest in Cold Case

Greenville, S.C. – An Upstate family is speaking out for the first time after a significant development in a cold case murder investigation.

Charity Southerland was tragically shot to death inside her home in Greenville County in April 2022. For nearly two years, her case remained unsolved, leaving her family desperate for answers and justice.

A Break in the Case

Hope was reignited for the family when investigators received an unexpected tip from authorities in Rome, Georgia in January 2024. The tip led to the arrest of Charles Reams, who was already in custody in Georgia on unrelated charges.

Reams, who is the former boyfriend and father of Southerland’s child, has now been charged with her murder. This development has brought a mix of emotions for Southerland’s loved ones.

Prayers Answered

Charity Southerland’s mother, Phema Hester, expressed her gratitude, saying, “Every day I wake up and would pray, God please let them get him. Let them find something.”

Following Reams’ arrest in Georgia, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office was able to obtain warrants to formally charge him with Southerland’s murder. Sheriff Hobart Lewis revealed that DNA evidence and witness testimony played a crucial role in linking Reams to the crime.

Gratitude for a Courageous Individual

Southerland’s family is particularly thankful for the individual in Georgia who spoke up and helped lead to Reams’ arrest. Jessica Kemp, Southerland’s sister, expressed her appreciation, saying, “I wish my sister had that same courage because she would probably still be here today.”

Reams is currently being held at the Floyd County Detention Center in Georgia and will soon be extradited to South Carolina to face the murder charge. The extradition date has not yet been set.

Seeking Custody

In the wake of these developments, Southerland’s family is focused on obtaining full custody of her son, Raheem. They have set up a website to accept donations to hire an attorney for this purpose.

Closure and Justice

The arrest of Charles Reams has brought a sense of closure to Charity Southerland’s family, who have been waiting for justice since her tragic death. They are determined to see the legal process through and ensure that Southerland’s memory is honored.

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