Greenville’s LaRue Fine Chocolate: National Acclaim for Delicious Chocolates

Gourmet chocolate showcase display.

Greenville’s LaRue Fine Chocolate Achieves National Acclaim

Renowned for its delicious assortment of fine chocolates and unique truffle names, Greenville’s very own LaRue Fine Chocolate have attained a significant honor. USA TODAY readers have ranked this beloved shop among their top five chocolate shops in the nation.

LaRue’s Unique Appeal

More than just a traditional chocolate shop, LaRue Fine Chocolate sets itself apart by putting a special emphasis on the ingredients and crafting process of their goods. Incorporating exquisite ingredients such as organic Bee Wall honey and Bulls Bay sea salt, LaRue’s chocolates offer a truly unique gastronomic experience.

Aside from its decadent chocolates, LaRue also serves special wines in its in-store café. With opulent options such as the Vina Zorzal Garnacha Rose from Spain and the Californian Bodan Roan Pinot Noir, visitors are in for a treat.

Delightful Chocolate Offerings

LaRue’s chocolates are truly the heart of its operations. USA TODAY commended the store for its specialty truffles, specifically noting the creative “fun names” and refined flavor infusions. Among the highlighted chocolates were the Sweet Kentucky, a dark chocolate treat filled with salty and slightly tipsy caramel, and the Dora LaRue, consisting of a peanut butter and graham cracker crunch draped in milk chocolate.

For fans of wine and chocolate, the shop’s pairings of chocolates with unique character and deep flavored wines can be an excellent way to explore new tastes suitable for any palette.

Truffles with Fun Names

LaRue knows how to keep its menu entertaining. Customers can browse a list of truffles ranging from classics like Cherry Blossom and Lavender Love to the eclectic Red Wedding and Yo Ho Ho. Each truffle name is followed by an enticing description of the taste adventure within.

USA Today’s Top 10

This Greenville based chocolate shop was voted No. 5 in the country. With top-notch contenders from Alabama’s Pizzelle’s Confections at No.1, to Ragged Coast Chocolates in Maine at No. 10, USA TODAY’s top 10 list embodies some of the finest chocolate shops nationwide.

For Greenville residents and visitors alike, LaRue Fine Chocolate offers a chance to indulge in creative, well-crafted delicacies that have made their mark on a national scale, propelling Greenville’s foodie scene onto a national stage.

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