Mauldin Considers Adding Stormwater Fee: City Council Notes

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Mauldin Considers Adding Stormwater Fee: City Council Notes

The city of Mauldin is currently considering the implementation of a stormwater fee, as discussed in the recent April 15 meeting of Mauldin City Council. The proposed stormwater fee would be utilized to establish a stormwater division under the city’s public works department.

Discussion: Stormwater Fee

During the meeting, City Administrator Seth Duncan highlighted that Mauldin currently allocates approximately $35,000 annually for stormwater maintenance in public rights-of-way. However, the total book value of all public stormwater infrastructure in Mauldin is estimated to represent a liability of $50 million for the city.

The council deliberated on various funding options for the stormwater fee.

  • Establishing $25 per home and nonresidential parcel fees – totaling $225,000 annually
  • Establishing $36 per home and $37.50 per nonresidential parcel fees – totaling $1 million annually
  • Increasing budgeted stormwater funds from revenue generated by a possible millage increase included in the fiscal year 2024-2025 budget – totaling $70,000 annually

The proposed stormwater funds would be utilized to address flood-prone areas in Mauldin, namely Bishop Heights, Bi-Lo Distribution Center, Harrison Plaza, Holly Springs, Knollwood Drive, and Oak Park Drive.

The City Council will continue discussions on this item during its upcoming April 18 budget meeting.

Initial Approval: Ordinance to Sell Two Properties for Butler Road Improvement Project

The City Council granted initial approval to sell properties at Mauldin City Park and where Gilder Creek crosses East Butler Road to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for the Butler Road Improvement Project.

Final Approval: Amended Ordinance Regarding Drive-Thrus

The Council provided final approval to permit a drive-thru at 110 N. Main St. for a potential coffee shop in the city center.

Initial Approval: Amended Ordinance Removing Institutional Uses in Certain Zoning Districts

The City Council granted initial approval to an amendment to Mauldin’s zoning ordinance pertaining to its S-1 and I-1 districts, aiming to eliminate institutional uses in these areas.

Initial Approval: Amended Ordinance Establishing Regulations for Nonconforming Uses

The Council gave initial approval to an amendment concerning nonconforming uses, structures, sites, lots, and signs, including regulations for such properties.

This article serves as a summary of the recent developments in Mauldin City Council’s meeting and the ongoing considerations for the stormwater fee and other pertinent matters.

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