Parks and Facilities

Greenville’s public parks are one of the city’s most popular attractions. The City Parks and Recreation department’s mission is to keep Greenville’s parks looking nice and appealing for visitors. The agency is in charge of 46 city parks that cover about 400 acres of property in the city. Our team delivers a range of engaging events and activities for our residents and tourists while managing Greenville’s parks.

Falls Park

Falls Park is the crown gem of downtown Greenville, and it is home to the Liberty Bridge.

Cleveland Park

Cleveland Park, Greenville’s municipal park, was established in 1922 and spans 122 acres.

Legacy Park

Visit Legacy Park, a 20-acre park situated in a lovely urban residential environment.

Unity Park

Unity Park – A 60-acre park will be built on Greenville’s west side as part of this project.

McPherson Park

McPherson Park has a mini-golf course and is the city’s oldest park.

Grower Park

Residents have access to Gower Park, a 21-acre multi-purpose recreational complex.

Timmons Park

Timmons Park is a neighborhood park with a disc golf course and a mountain biking route.

Holmes Park

Holmes Park is a great place to play tennis, softball, and disc golf on the north side.

Greenville Parks & Recreation

Physical Address

206 S Main Street
6th Floor
Greenville, SC 29602

Phone: 864-232-CARE (2273)

For more information on Parks and Recreation visit here.


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