Upstate School Promoting Women in Aviation Program

Female pilot mentoring girls.

Upstate School Encouraging Women to Enroll in Aviation Program

GREENVILLE, S.C. – An Upstate aviation student is using her passion to encourage other women to pursue a career in a typically male-dominated field. Hannah Bermudez, who used to work in the fast food industry, now works on fighter jets. She’s a student at Greenville Tech’s Aircraft Maintenance Technology program, where nearly 14% of students are women.

Journey to Success

For Bermudez, the program is more than just working on planes – it’s the American Dream. “My father is an immigrant from Colombia. He would tell us growing up that he came to America so you can have opportunities,” Bermudez said. Despite starting her career at Chic-fil-A, she now builds fighter jets at Lockheed Martin.

Working full-time on F16′s in the mornings and learning about aviation and aircrafts in the evenings, Bermudez’s schedule is packed. Her achievement is credited to an apprenticeship with Greenville Tech. The fall semester saw 153 students enrolling in the aviation program, a significant increase that Department Head Carl Washburn attributes to the high demand for aircraft mechanics.

Opportunities in Aviation

According to Washburn, women are well-suited for aircraft mechanic roles due to their size and attention to detail. As the aviation workforce faces a looming shortage, there are ample job opportunities for the next generation of workers. Greenville Tech is actively working to prepare students for these roles and connect them with prospective employers in the bustling aviation industry in Greenville.

Paving the Way for Women

Bermudez wants women to know that regardless of their background or prior experience, they are capable of thriving in the aviation workforce. “There are so many possibilities like designing airplanes, working on little airplanes, fighter jets, and working with NASA,” she said. She hopes to inspire more women to join the field that has traditionally been dominated by men.


As opportunities in aviation continue to grow, programs like the Aircraft Maintenance Technology program at Greenville Tech are providing a pathway for women to excel in this dynamic industry. With hard work, dedication, and a passion for success, women like Hannah Bermudez are breaking barriers and shaping the future of aviation.

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